4 Steps to an Eco Friendly Home; The Green House Plan

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-led-lamps-creative-power-saving-energy-conservation-industry-business-ecological-concept-group-two-metal-electric-isolated-image34659462Families across the nation are transforming their old consumption habits and routines into more sustainable households. These new lifestyles promote eco-friendly home décor, home planning, and even decorating.

Follow these four steps to begin your new life in an environmentally friendly house.

1. Buy less, make more

The key to living a simplified green life is to limit your family’s use of toxic (or seemingly “non-toxic”) chemicals and cleaning sprays. Instead, opt for the plethora of homemade cleaning agent recipes that are both cheap and fun to make.

 2. Buy Better Bulbs

It’s one of the most simple techniques for a green house plan, however surprisingly few people actually accomplish this easy step; choose better light bulbs. A better light bulb translates to one that is more energy-efficient. You’ll use less of your home’s power supply just by investing in these environmentally friendly sustainable home appliances.

3. GIY: Grow It Yourself

Even if you live in an apartment, it is possible to grow your own vegetables with limited space and sunlight. This is also a great way to create sustainable decorating ideas for your home; flower bulbs and seedlings can decorate your tables and windowsills.

4. Green Up Your Kitchen

Simple swaps can turn your cooking spot to an updated and green kitchen design. Choose cloth napkins over paper towels. Hold hand wash Wednesday to give your dish washer a break. Another popular choice in green kitchen designs has to do with the food you consume within it; try meatless Monday at least once a month.

With these simple ideas you can turn your house into a more environmentally friendly home.

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