360 Degree View of Your Remodel

One of the biggest differentiation factors of Design Build Planners is the ability to show you 3D images of the your planned remodel. This is something that clients love and helps with the visualization aspect of many different components including color, spatial recognition, vantage points/orientation, etc.

Another feature offered by DBP is a 360 degree view of your remodel. This is something DBP incorporates into the design for better interaction and the clients absolutely love it!

Below is a 360 degree view video of a kitchen remodel in Rumson, New Jersey.

Below you will find several still images displaying the 360 degree feature.





For an added level of realism, there is also a “virtual reality” app that you can download to step into your remodel. There is a 3D Viewer app from Chief Architect available on both Apple and Android. This is a service that is not offered by most residential design firms, but homeowners are increasingly asking for it, and Design Build Planners can provide it! Fill out the contact form below to learn more about the DBP process.

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