2015 Houzz Survey Reports: Homeowners Want More Romance in Their Bedrooms

Here at Design Build Planners, we strive to always stay at the cutting edge of home design,
especially focusing on trMaster Bedroom Design Ideas from Design Build Planners NJends within niche areas of the home. In August, Houzz.com ran the 2015 U.S. Houzz Bedroom Trends Survey, which interviewed over 1,500 homeowners that are either planning or have completed a master bedroom home renovation project. The overall report conclusion, according to Houzz, was that homeowners want more romance. But it went deeper than that. Homeowners were looking to renovate because they either finally had the financial means to do so, or simply because they could not stand their current bedroom and needed a refresh on the space where they spend some of their most important moments.

Master Bedroom Design Preferences: What the Results Say

The survey highlights some interesting points. You may think that the design trends are moving towards a fully connected electronic bedroom, but this survey shows that there are still more than 10 Spacious Master Bedroom Design - Design Build Plannerspercent of homeowners that would like to leave their rooms electronics-free, possibly increasing the overall romance and intimacy of the space. And 14 percent of them would like to optimize their bedrooms for a more low-tech activity, such as reading. Overall, many homeowners are looking to turn their bedrooms into a more welcoming space for themselves as a couple. Master bedroom goals remained high in the intimacy department, with 32 percent looking to directly increase that mood. The entire Bedroom survey findings can be found in this PDF.

Design Build Planners Has Experience With These Findings

In New Jersey and throughout the country, Design Build Planners receives numerous requests to either design a new master bedroom, add a master suite, or redesign a bedroom suite within an existing space, which includes re-positioning walls and rooms. Interestingly, homeowners are almost equally divided as to whether to have the master suite close to the childrens’ bedrooms or at a distance for more privacy. As imagined, the age of the children plays a factor in that preference. Those with younger children, or expecting more children, prefer to have the bedrooms close by.

Master Bedroom Design with Dressing Room Closet - Design Build Planners“Our clients today are placing a greater importance on their master closet design as far as the size and storage furniture layout,” says Neil Parsons, of Design Build Planners. “People are expecting their master bedroom to be just roomy enough to accommodate a king sized-bed, two night stands, and a wall mounted TV. This is to leave ample room for that spacious closet and a master bathroom of at least 100 square feet with a spacious custom shower. For those that watch the Showtime series Ray Donovan, several clients have asked for a ‘Ray Donovan’ master closet. One that is very large with a well-fitted, elegant custom closet system.” Once, when asked for such a closet, Neil replied, “Of course we can design that, but you have to supply the $40,000 watches that Ray has!”

Spacious Master Bathroom Design - Design Build PlannersNeil added, “If the space and budget allow, homeowners then seek certain additional amenities for their master bedroom. Among those features requested are a breakfast bar, balcony, fireplace, room for a reading chair and table, a love seat for TV viewing, desk/work station area, and a piece of exercise equipment such as a treadmill or an elliptical.”

Jason Parsons, Chief Project Designer at Design Build Planners, points out another practical reason for a larger closet and bathroom:

“Homeowners are gravitating towards designs that keep clothing storage out of the bedroom.  They are opting for a smaller, more intimate space and enlarging the closet to become a “dressing room” with access to the master bathroom.  This also allows couples with different schedules to get ready for the day without disturbing their partner.” – Jason, Chief Project Designer

CLICK HERE to view a luxurious master bedroom suite addition designed by Design Build Planners. This Bethesda Maryland project includes a large master bedroom with a fireplace and a walk up reading room loft, two walk-in closets, and an over-sized master bathroom. The craftsmanship was by Manley Enterprises.

Is Your Master Bedroom a Special Place?

Design Ideas for Master Bedroom With Sitting Area - Design Build PlannersMaster bedrooms are where we spend an important part of our life in. They should be inviting, practical, and comfortable. Feel free to comment or reach out to us here at Design Build Planners with your own master bedroom ideas, or to get suggestions and feedback from us on your next master bedroom project.

If you are considering either remodeling your home or relocating, we invite you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation and start your decision making process with Design Build Planners.

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