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Grab Bars for Your Bathroom

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Grab Bars for Your Bathroom

Secure grab bars for bathroom remodeling ~ Design Build ProsAs we get older, we want to maintain our independence. Many people dread becoming a senior citizen because they are afraid that they will have to move out of their own home and into a nursing home where they will be cared for all the time. This takes away from independence significantly, but there are things that can be done within a home to help you stay at home longer. Elderly people and those with special needs are most commonly known for slipping in the bathroom, either when bathing, showering or using the toilet but by installing grab bars, you can prevent injury by universal design. Grab bars are easy to install, convenient and can protect your safety in a handicap accessible bathroom.

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Master Bathroom Becomes Bigger and Better

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This Somerset County, New Jersey project request was to remodel the master bathroom that had not been used in years because of the small size and awful condition. The homeowners required a larger shower, grab bars and more overall space. To achieve this, an adjacent closet space was included making the bathroom 32% larger.
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Universal Design in Remodeling Projects for Need and Desire

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Having turned 50 this year, I have received much mail regarding membership to the AARP (American Association of Retired Person). Even though I am far from being ready for retirement, being AARP eligible is an indicator of aging, at least for me, similar to gray hair and weaker eye sight. Getting older is a fact of life and ignoring the reality does not make it go away.

On a similar note, most homeowners do not like to discuss universal design options during the onset of a design and build remodeling project. For those unfamiliar with the term universal design, it broadly refers to construction components that allow for easier use and access for people of various ages, sizes, and physical condition. Aging in place is an associated term that refers to planning and building in components that may not be required presently but possibly will be needed or welcomed in the future. Continue reading

Bathroom Shower Doors

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Regarding bathroom shower doors, for years the choices have been “framed or frameless?” and “sliding or hinged?”

Now, with some new over sized spa-like bathrooms, a new shower door question has risen: “door or no door?”

Enjoy these photos from Houzz.com. They show many possibilities. Some are designed for personal convenience through Universal Design. Others are designed for a desired look and feel. Continue reading

Home Improvement Trends

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Homeowners personalize their home rather than move;
Design Build Pros reveal new trend during National Home Improvement Month.

Toms River, New Jersey, May 1st, 2012—In honor of National Home Improvement Month this May, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) reveals that homeowners are personalizing their space during a remodel as the tough housing market forces more people to stay, rather than move.

According to a poll on NARI.org, 26 percent of respondents are planning to stay an additional 16 to 20 years in their homes because their home values have decreased during the recession. Twenty-three percent reported they are going to stay an additional six to 10 years in their homes. Continue reading

Lifestyle Suite Additions

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A popular remodeling project that the Design Build Pros are often requested to design is what we refer to as a “Lifestyle Suite”. What was once called an “in-law suite” now offers much more as far as flexibility of use presently and in the future.

Our Lifestyle Suite addition begins with a bedroom, closet and bathroom. From there, we typically add a sitting/TV/family room for personal use or entertaining. Then a wet bar or kitchenette is incorporated to complete a studio residence attached to any style home. Add a separate entry to create privacy or solitude, but then pass back through to the main house for family mingling. Continue reading