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Dust Protection During Your Remodeling Project

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Dust Protection During Your Remodeling Project Dust Protection for Your Remodeling Project (5)-Design Build ProsWhat is one factor that's often overlooked by homeowners embarking on a remodeling project? Dust protection! One of the last things you want is to have dust particles floating all around your home. If precautions aren't taken by a remodeling company, there's a good chance this could happen during you remodeling project. Continue reading

Outdoor Living Space in Union County, NJ

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Homeowner Idea for an Outdoor Living Space Project in Union County NJ (2)

Image from Houzz in the homeowner's ideabook

The Design Build Pros team has a new project on tap: designing an outdoor living space that includes a patio, portico over hang, and fire pit. Like most homeowners, the new DBP client wants the project done as soon as possible. The difference? This project is more along the lines of a necessity. The existing area is hazardous, and the homeowner's have a young child. The overall objective for the Design Build Pros: have the outdoor living space project completed, by a DBP Network Remodeler, before the end of the year and do so within a modest budget. Continue reading

Are Remodelers Taking a Fresh Look at Siding Options?

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Are Remodelers Taking a Fresh Look at Vinyl Siding? Hardi Plank - Design Build Pros Remodeler Network (2)Recently, Tess Wittler wrote an article for Professional Remodeler Magazine examining the decline of vinyl siding. According to the article, "Vinyl siding has lost traction in the exterior cladding market every year since 2007. While vinyl siding is still the top choice across the U.S. and Canada, its market share fell from 39 percent in 2003 to 27 percent by 2013." While vinyl siding is the first thing to pops into your head when considering an exterior remodel, the fast emerging option is Hardi-Plank cement fiber. Including installation, vinyl siding is approximately $100 less per square foot. So how do Neil Parsons and the Design Build Pros accommodate the desire to move away from vinyl, but still be cognizant of the budget? Continue reading

The Case of Formaldehyde and Lumber Liquidators

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wood flooring - Design Build ProsRecently, formaldehyde and Lumber Liquidators have made headlines, after an airing of CBS' 60 Minutes. This post will look at both sides of the case. If you are interested in reading more about formaldehyde, a post can be found here. The claim from the 60 Minutes investigations was damning. Lumber Liquidators, a major flooring retailer, was using products that contained an unsafe level of formaldehyde; which is a carcinogen. Unsurprisingly, Lumber Liquidator's stock went into a free fall. If the testing wasn't enough, 60 Minutes pushed the envelope even further. On the 60 Minutes special, they aired hidden camera footage from Chinese flooring factories in which workers admitted to falsifying formaldehyde levels in Lumber Liquidators' products. As one would expect, Lumber Liquidators came firing back. Their CEO, Rob Lynch insists that the whole thing is being overblown by short sellers on Wall Street. Lynch also took issues with the testing done to the products; stating that what is done in testing does not at all simulate the day to day exposure a person would get to the formaldehyde. To demonstrate their confidence, and hopefully repair their image, Lumber Liquidators is willing to pay for their own safety testing for those who want it. There are two more things to consider. First, Lumber Liquidators has been involved in an ongoing class action lawsuit for this issue prior to the 60 Minutes investigator. Secondly, California safety officials have stated that proper ventilation is probably enough What do you think about this issue?

Winterizing Your New Jersey Home

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Winterizing Your New Jersey Home (1)-Design Build ProsWinterizing Your New Jersey Home

The winter season is upon us. You may feel you are ready, but your house may not be. You should start thinking of winterizing your home before the heart of winter is fully here. You need to take the necessary steps to prepare your house for the cold months ahead. These steps will also protect your property and save money that could have been spent on repairing damages. Continue reading

Winter Tips for Your Home

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Thermometer on snow shows low temperaturesThere are several small tasks that almost any homeowner can do or address around the house as they prepare for winter. With ever-rising fuel bills and diminishing resources, all homeowners should be more diligent with their seasonal preparations. Listed below are a few recommendations and reminders to keep you warm and happy during the winter months. Continue reading

Basement Egress Windows

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Basement Egress Windows Basement Egress Windows (1)-Design Build ProsAfter constructing your family home and applying the finishing touches, you could suddenly discover that your basement is not complete. One thought is to install a basement egress window together with a window well. Egress windows do a lot to a basement. They let more natural light into the dark space beneath the rest of the house. They also serve as very convenient routes of exit when there is a fire or other natural calamity in the home. Continue reading

Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing

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Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing-Design Build Pros InterviewDesign Build Pros  recently had the opportunity to interview Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing. Kyle is a highly respected professional in the remodeling industry. Q: What is your one favorite part of your work day? A: I firmly believe in the Jim Rohn quote "Never begin the day until it is finished on paper." The favorite part of my work day is when I have my day 100% organized. In my case, this means it's all typed in the 'Notes' app on my Mac. When I do this I'm focused on the correct things and productive. I aim to have this set before 8:00AM (ideally, it's done at the end of the previous business day.) Continue reading

Home Library and Nook Designs

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reading nook and book case design for a NJ basementIf you have a vast collection of books, love to read, and enjoy displaying your books well, you need to create a home library with a reading corner. This special place in your home must create the right frame of mind so that you want to curl up with a book here on a lazy day. How do you create such a warm and inviting place? Well, there are innumerable design ideas Continue reading

Home Theater or Media Room for Your Home

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Home Theater (1)Indulging in building a home theater or media room for your home is a luxury that many desire. A home theater or media room for your home is a place we head to for putting our feet up and simply having a good time, without having to step out from the comfort of the house. It is a place we invite our friends over for a lazy summer afternoon with popcorn and drinks. Thus, there is no surprise then that more and more people are now remodeling any spare room in their residence for a home theater. And the ones who already have are looking to upgrade the old technology and equipment to keep the space in absolute top shape at all times. Basement space is a common location for a planned home theater. Continue reading