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How Much Does a NJ Master Bedroom Addition Cost?

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NJ Master Bedroom Additions - Master BathSometimes we get to a certain point in life when the bedroom we’ve been sleeping in for years just isn’t good enough or big enough for us anymore. There’s no shame in admitting that, you work hard and you deserve some of the finer things in life, like being able to sleep in a nice and spacious master bedroom suite. The problem is not that your current master bedroom is not luxurious enough – it’s often not large enough. When you need to make it larger, the only thing you can do is put a master bedroom addition onto your home.

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Take Your Child to Work Day–Remodeling Field Trip!

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Monday, 4/23/12, at about 5:30 PM Connor, my oldest son, asks me to take him to work with him for “Take Your Child to Work Day”. “Sure”, I tell him, “What day is it?” “Thursday”, is his reply. THURSDAY? How am I going to possibly make Thursday work? “Sure Connor, I’ll take you.” “OK, but are we going to sit in front of you computer all day? That’s kind of boring.” That, coming from the kid who could glue himself to a DS, but the thought of watching me design makes school look like the better option.
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