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Fireplace Cleaning

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fireplace cleaning - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana (5)Hi There, Fellow Gardeners! This is AnnahMarie. Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information about Fireplace Cleaning. Winter is come around – time to collect the wood stock for the fireplace! In this article, we at Organic Gurlz Gardens will be sharing our technique for cleaning up (and out) the fireplace. Continue reading

Fireplace Equipment and Fireplace Decoration

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Must-Have Pieces of Fireplace Equipment and Fireplace Decoration fireplace ~ Design Build Pros (1)If you have friends who have just installed a fireplace in their homes, then you’re in luck – you have a gift list open for them for years to come. Seriously, the fireplace is such a big addition to a home, there is always something to do around it. People tend to focus on those decorative items that hang above the fireplace – which are central decorations of a room, and frequently they have some special value for the owner. Continue reading

Backyard Fire Pit Options

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firepit for patio and outdoor living space - Design Build ProsBackyard Fire Pit Options The first thing you would need to do when going for an outdoor fire pit is to select the perfect location where you want to install it. When choosing a location to place your pit, you should mainly consider how safe the location is since even a small spark can sometimes cause problems. As another option, a gas fire pit can help provide warmth while complementing your landscape perfectly. Continue reading

Gas Fireplace vs. Natural Wood Burning Fireplace

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SONY DSCA home or a room could be warmed up with a beautiful fireplace fueled with either natural gas or wood. However, in case of natural gas, one can install a system that could easily warm up the whole house at the same time, whereas wood fueled fireplace lacks this advantage and warms up only the same room as of the fireplace. One can choose either of the fuels based on several advantages and disadvantages associated with the usage of each one. Continue reading

Wood Patio Deck and Screen Room Get Renovated With Stone and Glass

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This Monmouth County, New Jersey home had an existing wood deck with a screen room on a deck. For combined reasons of aesthetics, usability, durability and longevity the client wanted to redo both. The project was to rebuild the screen room with additional framing, insulation, porcelain floor tile from Best Tile in Keyport, detailed trim, plus energy-efficient windows and doors. The deck was to be replaced with bluestone slabs set in concrete, a stone retaining wall capped with bluestone and lighting plus a custom wood-burning stone fireplace. Continue reading

Outdoor Living Space for Shade and Entertaining

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These Monmouth County, New Jersey homeowners wanted to create a space that would provide a shady retreat in their southern-facing back yard. The end result is a true outdoor living space over 500 square feet in size, including separate eating and entertaining areas, a gas fireplace, a TV, porcelain floor, French door, and custom Board and Batten ceiling. Continue reading

Dream Bathroom Retreat Becomes a Reality

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The homeowner wanted her existing, 20-year old master bathroom remodeled and re-configured as a contemporary, spa-like bathroom for a personal retreat. In order to create the bathroom plan that the homeowner desired, the space that was a small hall and two walk-in closets located between the master bedroom and bathroom had to be included. The newly defined space allowed the incorporation of all the features on the homeowner’s wish list. Continue reading

Free and Low Cost Ways to Winterize Your Home to Save Money and Energy

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From the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI):

Winterize Your Home on Any Budget Soon the weather will be frightful and Jack Frost will be nipping at your nose. Old man winter is just around the corner, and securing your home against those cold blasts should be at the top of the “honey do” list. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that your family stays comfortable and warm without busting your budget. We've rounded up tips to winterize your biggest investment at three price points. Continue reading

Fireplace Mantels Add Extra Warmth to a Home

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There's just something about a room that has a fireplace and a mantel that changes the entire feeling of a house. Transforming it from a place to hang a hat into a real home, a warm fireplace with a beautiful mantel can be a wonderful sight to behold at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, a lot of fireplace mantels are just plain ugly, unusable or in a state of disrepair - especially in older homes. Fortunately, there are lots of great fireplace mantels that can be used as replacements and even those that can be handcrafted to add an extra touch to a room. Those looking to replace their fireplace mantels will find there are lots of ideas out there. They include: Continue reading

Two Island Kitchen for The Cooking Enthusiast

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Compromise is a natural part of home design — particularly in kitchens. Whether due to budget, space or storage limitations, kitchens can be challenging. Of course, the compromises pile up even higher when you're sharing your kitchen with someone else. Running into each other at the stove, sink and countertop seems inevitable, no matter how big your kitchen is. Is argument-free cooking actually possible? Continue reading