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Soapstone Countertops for Kitchen Remodeling

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Soapstone Countertops for Kitchen Remodeling

soapstone countertop ~ Design Build ProsThe latest trend in high end counter tops for kitchen remodeling is soapstone. Soapstone is a natural stone that comes from the quarry. It is referred to as “soapstone” because of its soft and soapy feeling surface. There are two different varieties of soapstone: artistic and architectural. The architectural variety is the option you would use for your kitchen counter top, as it is the harder variety.

Soapstone comes in smaller slabs than granite and marble, so if you have a larger kitchen you will need to get more than one slap, which will cause visible seams. Unlike other natural stone options, soapstone is nonporous, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. It also does not stain as a result. You are also able to put hot pans on it without worrying about cracks or other damage to your countertop as soapstone is very heat resistance.

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What is a Quartzite Countertop?

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What is a Quartzite Countertop?

Super white quartzite countertop ~ Design Build Pros (1)When you are remodeling your kitchen, there may be plenty of things that you are planning to change. Perhaps you have some ideas about what you want to do with your cabinets and maybe you want some new appliances as well, but one thing that often gets overlooked is the countertops. There are many beautiful countertops out there but if you are a serious kitchen fanatic and you want to have a countertop that is durable, long lasting and will not show signs of wear and tear, you may want to consider getting a quartzite countertop. There are actually many reasons why people turn to quartzite and many different types of quartzite available. If this is the countertop material that you are considering, here are some things to ponder before making the purchase.

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How to Make a Concrete Countertop

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How to Make a Concrete Countertop

Concrete Countertops (1)-Design Build ProsWhen you are remodeling your home, you may be looking to do something fresh and unique to really change things up. Something you should definitely consider when you are remodeling your kitchen is new countertops. Sure, there are many beautiful pre-fab countertops available but if you want to do something unlike anything anyone else has, why not consider making your own concrete countertop? This can be a fun, DIY project and can save you a lot of money, while providing you with a gorgeous and unique countertop. Even if you do not know how to make a concrete countertop, this step by step article will help you get the job done properly.

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Power Grommets Add Convenience to Kitchen Islands

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In almost every kitchen remodel, “more outlets” is a part of a homeowner’s needs list. Going a step further, we look to provide efficient outlets whenever possible. When designing an island, you can have a 2-tier (sometimes referred to as a waterfall) or a 1-tier island design. In a 2 tier design, the main cooking/prep area is 36″, while the seating area is 42″. This island allows the placement of outlets along the small wall between the two counter tops. Continue reading

Family Loves to Entertain But Kitchen Is Too Small

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Dilemma: A family that loves to entertain with a kitchen that is way too small.
Solution: Kitchen addition and remodel. The project includes a rear addition off the existing kitchen and also behind the garage to create a laundry/mudroom. The exterior features casement windows, a masonry patio with stone knee wall, grill, lighting, and a retractable canvas awning. The kitchen displays the unfitted design where all the cabinetry does not match. The perimeter cabinets are stained and the tiered island is a white painted beadboard. The wood flooring is bamboo with a dark stain. The wet bar, with beverage center and dishwasher drawers, is situated on the opposite wall of the cooking area. The addition has a vaulted ceiling and a rear feature wall painted “scarlet red.” The owners, avid Rutgers University football fans, wanted a great space to watch the games, entertain and always be in season! Continue reading

Simple Tip for Organizing Your Bathroom Vanity

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The Design Build Pros have visited thousands of homes to discuss remodeling projects. While we are not ready to write a tell-all book (yet), we have seen many interesting things over the years. Some of the hidden secrets are uncovered during bathroom remodeling estimates. Without naming names, some bathrooms are overly cluttered and disorganized at first glance. Then we need to inspect the plumbing set up below the sink. Opening the vanity doors sometimes starts an avalanche as the piled contents tumble out. Continue reading

Kitchen Pass-through Designs

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If you’re looking to open the space between your kitchen and an adjoining room but reluctant (or unable) to remove a wall, take a different tack: a good old kitchen pass-through. These peekaboo openings, originally designed to provide a way to serve food from the kitchen while concealing any cooking mess, are as important for decorative appeal as they are for functional purposes. Continue reading

Laundry Room Ideas

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There’s nothing more depressing than having to do your laundry in a dismal and dreary room. Houzz users seemed to understand thats, since all of the most popular photos from 2011 are light, bright, and well-organized spaces. Houzzers wanted to see spaces that they’d want to do their laundry in — rooms with beautiful cabinetry, unique storage solutions, beautiful wall colors, and easy-to-implement design ideas.

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Kitchen Designs – with an open floor plan

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When it is time for a new kitchen the requests have a common theme: bigger, open, island, and more everything. The Design Build Pros team meets many homeowners seeking to remodel their kitchen seem to have one, unified voice: “We want a larger kitchen, with an open floor plan, dine-at island, more cabinets, more counter space, more storage…more, more, more.” Design-wise, all can be incorporated, but extra home space is required. No one is surprised to hear that kitchens are the most expensive rooms to remodel. Now more space means new space as in an addition. Doubling the space of a kitchen with an addition undoubtedly doubles the cost of the project. After calculating all the items required to fully complete, the homeowner investment most likely well exceed $100,000 for a 200+ square foot kitchen and addition project. Continue reading