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6 Tips To Improve the Home Remodeling Experience

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Design Build Pros New JerseyHomeowners and Remodelers – Have you ever had a sub-par experience with a home improvement project?

If you’re like most people, you have.

For homeowners and remodelers alike, the remodeling experience often falls short of expectations due to a lack of communication before the project begins.

Without both parties establishing ground rules for the project, assumptions are made Continue reading

5 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Monmouth County Remodeling Contractor

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Design Build Pros - first step for a professional remodeling experienceHiring a remodeling contractor in Monmouth County NJ doesn’t have to be a huge headache, provided you know what you’re doing. Most people enter into the negotiations without understanding the proper techniques for an effective selection process, and as a result, wind up with a contractor who isn’t suitable for the job at hand.  We realize that remodeling your home is something you will probably only do once in your lifetime, so we’ve compiled these five tips to help you make the best possible decision for you, your family, and your home.

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Design Build Remodeling Consultant

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Okay, you are ready to get some information and price estimates on a major remodeling project. You schedule an estimate to have someone come to your home. What should you expect? How do you process the information?

Most shopping and purchasing and purchasing decisions that people make are based on their personal history of similar transactions. Major home remodeling is a rare purchase for many. History and experience are very limited and likely non-existent. People purchase more homes in their life than major home renovation projects. Continue reading

Design Build Remodeling Approach Makes Sense

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Below is the discussion at a development meeting regarding this potential project illustration.

Homeowner: My architect friend said your design would be nicer with the entry in the center.

Design Build Pro: Did your friend list all the things that would have to be done to make that happen?

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