Remodeling Seminars and Motivational Speaking Engagements

Need a motivational speaker for a meeting, conference, company, or a sales team? Neil Parsons, of the Design Build Pros, is available* for motivational speaking engagements and remodeling seminars locally and nationally. Neil Parsons is an accomplished and nationally known professional specializing in home improvement sales and marketing as well as a trendsetter in design build remodeling. Neil and the Design Build Pros have valuable knowledge, experience, and systems to share with remodelers, builders, manufacturers, and distributors in the construction industry.

Here are two examples of topics of seminars available:

Speeding up the Sales Cycle
Letting the Client Buy on Their Terms (while getting everything YOU want!)

sign-agreement-small-300x199While this system applies primarily to complex kitchen, bath, addition, Design/Build retainer sales, it also adapts well to “hammer ready” smaller projects. Learn a structured system that begins with the original client contact and continues through the initial estimate meeting. Discover how to impressively deliver more valuable information to the homeowner in the shortest possible time, separating you from the competition. Sell nothing; put the client in a comfortable and confident position to move forward on their own terms. At the same time, you will be able to control the scope and budget paving the way for a successful, profitable, mutually reward remodeling project.

Upon completion of this seminar, you will have the outline to put into place immediately. You will understand the unspoken homeowner psychology that many overlook or miss altogether. Your time and effort will be streamlined, creating more efficiency, better results, and a manageable schedule.

Marketing in Today’s Marketplace

Frustrated With Internet Lead Services? Learn FIVE effective marketing efforts that you should be doing instead.

Learn what remodelers should be doing instead of, or at least before, spending money on internet lead generation services. Each category has many subsets. It would take a year to employ all the efforts that will be illustrated, but you will be excited to begin most of them immediately!

Upon completion of this seminar, you will be able to update and/or enhance your current marketing plan. Your database will build quickly while creating better, cost-effective sales opportunities.

* depending on the venue and location some seminars or speaking engagements may be free

Please contact us to discuss availability and venues.

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