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Residential Elevator For Your Home

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Residential Elevator for Your Home many people that own a multi-story home, the only option for going up and down between floors is to go through the process of stairs in a variety of locales. This may become arduous for many, especially in the case of a surgical procedure, or just aging. If you or someone you know owns a home with multiple floors, you may find that the best solution to calm the issue of wear and tear on the body is through the installation of a residential elevator.

Make Moving Easier

At first glance this may seem like a luxury that is going to cost a great deal, but in all reality, it is not that much. You’ll find that a good universal design is cost effective and can bring to life a variety of options for a home. Not just for moving between floors, but for moving, and more. Imagine having to move out of a home and having to traverse the stairs over and over again, things could get a bit difficult, right? Well, a residential elevator can definitely trump the constant back and forth movement that you have to deal with in regards to moving.

Aging With Grace

For those that are aging and don’t want to sell a home, the best bet to ensure longevity without any accidents or slip ups in the stairways is to have a good residential elevator. Aging in place is easy when you are able to move freely from a home without having to worry about injury or any sort of issue that can be caused as a result of climbing and stepping on stairs. Thousands of people are injured due to falls on staircases around the nation and therefore having an alternative is key to movement within any residence.

Calling In A Professional

To ensure that your home elevator is installed correctly, make sure that you call a professional that can help with installing and maintaining the option in the house. Once installed, you will gain a semblance of relief, safety, and ease of transport to and from various areas in the home. Whether you have just a basement level or you have several stories, this solution is one of the better options in regards to movement that you’re going to find on the market. You’ll also find that it can be cost effective if you price them out and hire a good professional installer to come to your home and put it in correctly.

New Jersey’s Premier Project Designers

The Design Build Pros provide homeowners remodeling project design and development throughout New Jersey. Virtual project designs are also available for homeowners and qualified remodelers outside New Jersey. Projects include bathrooms, kitchens, basements, outdoor living spaces, additions, master suites, add-a-levels, exterior makeovers, and new home construction.

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Barn Style Sliding Passage Doors

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Barn Style Sliding Passage Door (2)-Design Build ProsBe at the forefront of interior design by adding a barn style sliding passage door to your home. The versatility of barn style sliding passage doors is immense. There is no shortage of options that you can chase when you look into this opportunity, especially if you’re going for a modern twist on classic design implementations in the home. Whether you’re trying to configure proper interior design, or you’re balancing a décor solution that is going to thrill, you’ll end up seeing greatness if you just take time to cycle through the many solutions available with this type of door. Continue reading

Selecting A Storage Shed For Your Home

This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged , , , , on by . of the best things that you can do for your home (and your sanity) is to optimize the storage. Your home may become too full, and the garage may not have the space you need to house a variety of your home goods and more. For that reason, you will want to look into selecting a storage shed. Continue reading

Exercise Plan for Your New Home Gym

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Exercise Plan-Design Build Pros (1)A new home gym is the perfect incentive to get into shape. You now have a room specified for working out with all the equipment you need. A home gym is a spectacular luxury. Once the project is complete the only missing component is an effective exercise plan. You want a plan that targets all areas of the body and provides toning, cardio and strength training without having to spend hours working out. Continue reading

Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Kitchen

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under cabinet lighting for kitcen cabinets and design build remodeling in NJ (4)It happens every day, and no one really thinks about it until it occurs. People around the world wake up in the middle of the night and need a drink of water, or they come home to a darkened home with no lights on. Turning on the lights means waking up everyone, or perhaps even making things a bit uncomfortable on your eyes. There is a solution that can fix that, and it comes with the opportunity to add lighting in a very discrete area. Continue reading

Ajay Gaglani of ProSkill Construction

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bathroom remodeling in New Jersey (2)Design Build Pros recently interviewed Ajay Gaglani, one of the owners of ProSkill Construction. ProSkill is a DBP Preferred Remodeler. ProSkill has many remodeling industry accolades, including a 2013 Qualified Remodeler Design Award and 2014 Contractor of the Year Award from NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).

Q: Having recently purchased a home, what is the first remodeling project that you want to do?
A: I would like to remodel our master bathroom first. Continue reading

Who Will Build Your Remodeling Project?

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construction-roof3DDesign Build Pros offers a unique, highly customized pre-construction design and development service. At the design reveal, DBP discusses the various next step options for the homeowner regarding their planned home improvement. One very important question that is addressed is, “Who will build your remodeling project?” This questions applies to any type of project ranging from a basement, bathroom, or kitchen makeover to additions and whole house renovations. Continue reading

Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas in NJ

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kitchen backsplash design ideas in NJWhen making product selections for a kitchen design build remodeling project we often use the “wardrobe” method. We view the kitchen cabinets as a man’s suit, as it is the most visible and largest area of the kitchen. So the cabinet style and color finish are the first and most important design selection. The next selection is the shirt, or the countertop. There are many countertop materials and design options from mild to wild. Finally, we select the tie. The tie, or backsplash as related to kitchen design ideas, is the small, yet vital accent. It can add life and excitement to a basic, neutral cabinet and countertop. Selections can include stone, glass, metal, solid granite plus mixtures of any materials or as accents. Continue reading

Dinner Party Celebrating a Kitchen Remodel in Morris County, NJ

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Party for kitchen remodel in Morris County New Jersey - Design Build Pros (1)Whenever you install something new you should always test it to see that it works properly. The same is true for a new kitchen. This newly remodeled kitchen in Rockaway, New Jersey was definitely put to the test; a taste test! The project’s remodeler, ProSkill Construction of the DBP Network, arranged the post-production celebration. The dinner party was hosted by Donna Davis of Bottles, Bubbles, and Blondes. The evening featured a personal chef and paired wines from around the world. Continue reading