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Organic Gurlz Gardens

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Home grown vegetables from Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaWe all want fresh vegetables, Right? Of course. We all want to eat as many organic foods as we can, right? Of course. The problem is some of us either don’t have time, don’t know how or just don’t want to worry about maintaining a garden.

If you are one of the people that want to eat fresh vegetables you will probably like the idea of someone doing all the work for you and you just eat the food, right? Well, there is a place in Fort Wayne Indiana that will do just that. They plant and maintain your raised bed home garden and you eat the vegetables that are produced. Just imagine, fresh from your own garden straight to your kitchen table! Continue reading

When To Water Container Plants

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watering container plants ~ Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana (1)If you’ve been raising container plants for a long time, like we have at Organic Gurlz Gardens, they become comfortable old friends, and it becomes easy to read their needs.  But newer plants, especially varieties with which we are not familiar, present more challenge.  And, as we’ve learned time and again, even old friends change.  Despite our best efforts and vigilance, a plant ceases to thrive, and may even fail.  Insufficient and excessive watering are the most common reasons a plant might fail despite what seems ideal conditions and care. Continue reading

Seating for Your Home Theater

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Home Theater Seating

Home Theater Seating (1)-Desing Build ProsTwo words: Home Theater! Who has not always wanted a theater in the comfort of their own home? First, going to the theater can be expensive. Secondly, the seating can also be very uncomfortable, especially after sitting in them for two to three hours. When designing your own home theater, it is important that you take the time in choosing your seating. You must take all of the measurements into consideration, as well as how many rows of seating you want. It is also important that you choose something that will be comfortable to sit in for hours at a time. Cup holders are also a must when it comes to choosing the perfect theater seats. Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Design Build Pros!

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As we wind down the year here at Design Build Pros, we’d like to pause and wish all of our remodeling industry friends the happiest of holiday seasons.

We have had a fantastic year, thanks to the opportunity to work with or for many of you throughout New Jersey and the United States.

We hope you enjoy some quiet time with family and friends this month and we wish you a happy and healthy 2015!

All the Best,

The Design Build Pros

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Entry Lockset Technology

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Entry Lockset Technology

Safe Zone messageThe developments in technology have completely revolutionized many sectors of business and domestic life. It is therefore not a surprise to find out that technology has now ventured into the security business, equipping us with innovative solutions that will make it harder for unauthorized people to gain access into our homes and offices. There are many mobile based applications that have configured your keypad lock to only open once your biometric information has been processed by the app and a positive identification made. Continue reading

Countertop Alternatives to Quartz and Granite

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Kitchen Remodel In Bridgewater New Jersey (15)When it comes to designing the interior of your kitchen and bathrooms, there are many different designs that you will come across. You will definitely come across granite and quartz (which you can read about here) countertops. This is a common design that can be found in a large majority of homes all over the country. However, granite and quartz are not the only options that you are limited to. Continue reading

Stair Railing Material Options

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Stair Railing Material Options

Stair Rail Material Options (2)-Design Build ProsStair railings, whether outdoor or indoor, serve the same purpose which is enhancing the safety of individuals using the stairs. In your search for stair railing materials, the options available may be quite overwhelming. There are a number of factors one needs to consider when choosing a stair railing material such as the material’s resistance to weather conditions, match to the external color and trimmings of the house, and the stair design. Each of the different stair railing materials available comes with both pros and cons. Thus the choice squarely lies with one’s taste and needs. So, which options are available? Continue reading

Residential Elevator For Your Home

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Residential Elevator for Your Home many people that own a multi-story home, the only option for going up and down between floors is to go through the process of stairs in a variety of locales. This may become arduous for many, especially in the case of a surgical procedure, or just aging. If you or someone you know owns a home with multiple floors, you may find that the best solution to calm the issue of wear and tear on the body is through the installation of a residential elevator. Continue reading

Barn Style Sliding Passage Doors

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Barn Style Sliding Passage Door (2)-Design Build ProsBe at the forefront of interior design by adding a barn style sliding passage door to your home. The versatility of barn style sliding passage doors is immense. There is no shortage of options that you can chase when you look into this opportunity, especially if you’re going for a modern twist on classic design implementations in the home. Whether you’re trying to configure proper interior design, or you’re balancing a décor solution that is going to thrill, you’ll end up seeing greatness if you just take time to cycle through the many solutions available with this type of door. Continue reading