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Selecting a Hot Tub for Your Deck or Patio

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deck and patio remodel by AK Renovations-a Design Build Pros Preferred RemodelerIf you’re ready to turn your home into the ultimate relaxation spot, you will have to do some research. Selecting a hot tub for your deck or patio may take a little time, because you want to be sure that you find a model that will fit both your budget and your needs. There are many good options available today. Let’s take a look at what you need to know when shopping for a hot tub for your home: Continue reading

Healthy Brunch Ideas for Your New Kitchen

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contemporary kitchen design build remodeling in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, 07750 (9)When you have an amazing new kitchen, chances are you never want to miss an opportunity to cook a meal. Who doesn’t want to spend time in a newly remodeled kitchen? Aside from breakfast, lunch and dinner add brunch into your cooking routine. Here are a few healthy brunch ideas to make in your beautiful new kitchen. Continue reading

Green Material Options for Your Remodeling Project

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Eco-friendly remodeling - Design Build ProsAre you contemplating home remodeling options? Remodeling gives your home a feeling of a fresh and healthy beginning altogether. A House & Home survey conducted in 2014, indicates that close to 84% of homeowners plan to do some form of remodel on their homes within the next two years. People do remodeling for a number of reasons; some do it to enhance the home’s value, while others do it to improve on the home’s appearance, plan or layout and feel. If you are preparing to remodel your home, then it is advisable to do green remodeling. You need to do careful choice of materials which are eco-friendly. Continue reading

Celebrating the First Meal in a New Kitchen

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Kitchen Remodel (10)After all the work is done, there is nothing that you want to do more than enjoy a great meal cooked in your new kitchen. Chances are your meals have consisted of fast food, frozen meals and several restaurant visits during the duration of the remodel. At this point nothing will satisfy your taste buds more than a home cooked meal. The first meal in your new kitchen should be a celebration. Since celebration is in order the meal should be something truly special. Here are two first meal main courses to consider. Continue reading

4 Steps to an Eco Friendly Home; The Green House Plan

This entry was posted in Green Remodeling, Home and Family Lifestyle and tagged , , , , , , on by . across the nation are transforming their old consumption habits and routines into more sustainable households. These new lifestyles promote eco-friendly home décor, home planning, and even decorating.

Follow these four steps to begin your new life in an environmentally friendly house. Continue reading

Exercise Plan for Your New Home Gym

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Exercise Plan-Design Build Pros (1)A new home gym is the perfect incentive to get into shape. You now have a room specified for working out with all the equipment you need. A home gym is a spectacular luxury. Once the project is complete the only missing component is an effective exercise plan. You want a plan that targets all areas of the body and provides toning, cardio and strength training without having to spend hours working out. Continue reading

Lunches to Serve from Your New Gourmet Kitchen

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Lunches to Serve in Your Gourmet Kitchen (3)-Design Build ProsEveryone wants a gourmet kitchen. As we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. For this reason it should be of the highest quality which is why homeowners are opting for a gourmet kitchen. It adds value to the home, has all the characteristics anyone would want in a kitchen and enables you to create spectacular meals. Below are lunches to serve from your new gourmet kitchen. Continue reading

Ice Bucket Challenge: Design Build Pros Edition

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Ice Bucket Challenge-Design Build ProsIf you’ve been on social media lately, surely you have seen short videos of people dumping buckets of water on themselves. In these videos, after completing the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, the participants nominates friends to do the same, or gives their nominees the option of donating $100 to the ASL Association. A number of high profile figures have dumped ice on their heads, like Chris Christie, Justin Timberlake, and Mark Zuckerberg. On the other hand, President Obama chose just to donate. Continue reading