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Smoked Glass Doors in Remodeling

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smoked glass passage doors for remodeling - Design Build Pros (1)Smoked Glass Doors in Remodeling Walking into the Home Depot/Lowes/home improvement store of your choice, you're surrounded by people wanting to help you pick that paint color for your wall. With so much guidance, the issue is knocked out in a jiffy. But maybe your eyes are set on installing glass doors to give some extra "pop" to your home. If you’re looking to combine the ultimate in privacy and aesthetics, you should consider smoked glass doors. Continue reading

Bathroom Makeover in Union County, New Jersey

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Bathroom Makeover in Union County, New Jersey NJ bathroom makeover and remodeling in NJ by Mark of Excellence Remodeling (3)Time was of the essence for this North Plainfield homeowner. The bathroom’s tired interior gave the wrong impression to visitors to the home and it was time for an upgrade that was both cost effective and fast.  Mark of Excellence’s Project Designer actually met with the couple on July the 4th. They had specific requirements for comfort and safety. There were a lot of loose tiles and evidence of mold growth present; which was of growing concern to the homeowners; and even new buyers. They needed to convert their old tub area into a shower that included a built in seat and grab bars; an important combination for both mature and physically challenged individuals.  They also needed to remove old tile to the floor and walls in the room. Another goal was to replace the toilet and vanity with a style that is much more contemporary and fresh. A traditional bathroom remodel was going to exceed their budget and take much longer than they anticipated. Continue reading

Different Types of Caulking

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Different Types of Caulking Man Caulking Window Caulking is an often overlooked, but essential part of many bathroom remodeling projects. The purpose of caulking is to seal joints or seams. Caulking the connection between your shower walls and tub prevents leaks and reduces mildew buildup. Removing old caulk and re-caulking joints between tiles and your tub is an annual bathroom maintenance job. There are several different types of caulking, such as: silicone caulking, latex caulking, paintable caulk, grout caulk, adhesive caulk Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling with a Kid’s Theme

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Bathroom Remodeling with a Kid's Theme Kid themed bathroom remodeling - Design Build Pros One thing we mention a lot in our blogs is pet friendly remodeling. However, another thing that must be considering when undertaking a remodeling project... kid friendly remodeling! Obviously safety for all parties is of the utmost importance of any remodeling project, but why not go with a remodeling project that has a kid's theme? So people are turned off by undertaking a remodeling project that has a kid's theme. However, it must be noted that it isn't hard to make changes to the design when the child outgrows it. In the meantime, remodeling with a kid's theme provides many benefits. Continue reading

Tub to Shower Conversion

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How to Plan a Tub to Shower Conversion tub to shower conversion ~ Design Build ProsThe tub to shower conversion is quickly becoming one of the most popular remodeling projects throughout America. More and more people prefer a tub-less bathroom (in the past 5 years or so, the number of people who prefer shower-only bathrooms has increased by almost 50%, and now they represent the majority of the population). On the other hand, real estate agents are slower to catch up with the times, and they still insist that a house without a tub has a lower market value. As such, most houses that are sold have a tub in the bathroom, and the first thing the new owners do is covert it quickly to a shower. Continue reading

River Rock Pebbles for Your Shower

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River Rock Pebbles for Your Shower river rock pebble shower floor ~ Design Build Pros (1)If your browse the Internet for just a few minutes, you can find some absolutely stunning bathroom designs that use river rock pebbles. They’re a great way to emphasize the connection to nature, they can be used in connection with rustic, as well as modern designs, and they’re soft and friendly on the feet. So, when redesigning your bathroom, you could do no better than using river rock pebbles for your shower. You can use the same tiles on the walls too, or at least on one of them. Before you get carried away, take a few moments to think and picture the room – since this will typically be a rather small space, adding too many shapes and colors may turn out to be just too much, and you’ll be better off with simpler walls in a solid color. Continue reading

Kitchen & Powder Room Makeover in New Jersey

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“I have already had the opportunity to recommend them to someone else, which I was thrilled to do.”

Join Design Build Pros on our journey of remodeling a kitchen, powder room, and mudroom in Kendall Park, NJ. Kitchen Remodeling Kendall Park NJ - Design Build Pros New Jersey homeowner Lisa desperately wanted to remodel her kitchen to make it more modern and functional, but she couldn't find a reliable local contractor she trusted. We are fortunate to have connected with Lisa on Houzz and work with her in designing and facilitating her much-anticipated project. Continue reading

Case Study – Kitchen and Bathroom Transformation in NJ

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“It turned out even nicer than we ever could have thought.”

Join Design Build Pros on our journey of transforming a kitchen and bathroom for thrilled empty-nesters. NJ Kitchen Design Build Contractor - DBP Watchung, New Jersey homeowners Ben and Sandie have a great home on a beautiful piece of property, but they were ready to make some changes to the outdated and cramped kitchen and bathroom. Continue reading

Heat Lamp for Bathroom Remodeling

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Heat Lamp for Bathroom Remodeling Heat Lamp for Your Bathroom-Design Build ProsEveryone knows how daunting getting into and out of the shower can be in the cold winter months when you feel like your hair is going to freeze into icicles if you do not immediately dry it. A great way to get around this and start the morning off feeling relaxed, warm, and at ease is by installing heat lamps in your bathroom. A bathroom heat lamp is an excellent idea if you are doing a remodel, or even if you are just making a few small changes. Not only will it help you and your family be more comfortable, if will raise the value of your house, as it is one of those little luxuries that makes a huge difference in daily life. Continue reading

A Bidet in US Bathroom Remodeling

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A Bidet in US Bathroom Remodeling Toilet and bidet in a modern bathroom - raised lidThe idea of installing a bidet in a US bathroom remodel can seem silly and intimidating. Any American to have visited the European continent has been fascinated, horrified, and intrigued all at the same time by these mysterious and seemingly over complicated toilets. Bidets are extremely popular all over the world, especially in Japan where more than 70% of homes reported having one. The truth of the matter is, bidets are awesome and Americans would do well to install bidets in their bathrooms more often. There is a reason why these little fixtures are found all over the world. Following are some reasons why the USA should jump on the bandwagon. Continue reading